Vaibhav Namburi shows us 5 Extremely Easy ways to drastically improve our Vue app’s speed.

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A little background, my name is Vaibhav - from Five2One. I’ve been involved in VueJS for a good 2 years (since 1.0 came out) and basically helped build/train 3 of the largest VueJS codebases in Sydney. Code that serves millions of people so my job is not just to build scalable code patterns but actually care ALOT about performance.

See usually small start up projects and codebases, the goal is to push code out and get the product out to the customer fast, which we’re great at - you can check out our work at but beyond that as engineers our goal is to take care of performance and scalability.

Let’s jump straight into it - talk about some simple ways you can increase the performance of your VueJS application.