One of the best ways to improve customer experience is displaying accurate weather data on your app. Let's use weatherstack - one of the best services for getting weather information. This service is FREE to use!

weatherstack 2022

What is weatherstack?

weatherstack is a good service that we can use to get years of historical weather data, request real-time weather information or make use of accurate weather forecasts.

Why should we use weather stack?

Here are some reasons that we should use weatherstack:

  1. You can use real-time weather data on any site or app to improve customer experience

  2. Weather forecast - help your customers plan a walk, a hike, cycling, skiing, a trip, a drive-by providing all weather conditions such as temperature, rains, wind, etc.

  3. Historical weather data - help your customer make an informed decision about planning a trip based on what weather they could expect in the distant future. weatherstack

How to use

Using weatherstack is very easy. You can follow these steps:

  1. Choosing One Cloud-Based API Service
  2. Getting API authorization
  3. Setting the Endpoint
  4. Creating a Project
  5. Coding the weather component


If you wish to learn more about weatherstack, read the official documentation to learn code examples in different programming languages, and receive the latest available weather.

Weatherstack documentation