is a tool for running PHP code online, just like JSFIddle do,And you can choose Laravel and PHP versions, so your PHP code will run in the specified environment. currently has three kinds of mode to run PHP code.

Laravel JSFiffle

Plain PHP

You can choose to run the PHP code in the Laravel framework, or not, for example:

Database & Eloquent

Below this mode, you can define the table schema and the corresponding model, and then run the code, for example:

Or define the table schema, and then run the query builder, such as:

Blade templating

In this mode, you can define the data and blade template, and then run to output the rendered HTML:

There are some examples in In addition, It also provides search capabilities to help you quickly find the code you want.

After login via Github account, you can save your code and share it with others.

Enjoy it.