Koel (also styled as koel, with a lowercase k) is a simple web-based personal audio streaming service written in Vue at the client side and Laravel on server side. Targeting web developers, Koel embraces some of the more modern web technologies – flexbox, audio, and drag-and-drop API to name a few – to do its job.

Koel The story of koel

My laptop went out of disk space – thank you Parallels.

My phone has only 16GB of storage.

I still have a good 40GB of mp3 stored in my external hard drive.

But I have a server.

So I started looking out for an open source, or at least free, music streaming server that I can make use of.

I found a few. Alas, none was good enough!

In my desperation I asked myself this zero-dollar question:

"Heck, why not build one?"

And so koel was born.

And why "koel?" Because it’s the name of a freaking bird that sings non-stop near my place. He looks like this:

The installation and documentation of koel

git clone https://github.com/phanan/koel
cd koel
composer install
vi .env # Fill in database info and initial admin account
php artisan koel:init
Server started on http://localhost:8000/

Afterwards, from the web interface, go to Settings and enter the path to your songs. Click “Save,” and that’s it. For more installation guides, documentation, and troubleshooting, head over to the repo’s Wiki and Releases. While you’re there, make sure to fork and contribute!