Laravel CRUD Generator

A simple Laravel 5 library that allows you to create crud operations with a single command

laravel crud generator


composer require salmanzafar/laravel-crud-generator


  • Controller (with all the code already written)
  • Model
  • Migration
  • Requests
  • Routes

Enable the package (Optional)

This package implements Laravel auto-discovery feature. After you install it the package provider and facade are added automatically for laravel >= 5.5.


Publish the configuration file

This step is required

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Salman\CrudGenerator\CrudGeneratorServiceProvider"


After publsihing the configuration file just run the below command

php artisan crud:generate ModelName

just it all of your Model Controller, Migration, routes and Request will be created automatically with all the code required for operations

Tested on php 7.3 and laravel 5.7 and also laravel 5.8

Currently this package supports only CRUD operation for api's

Source Code