thedevsaddam wrote a nice Laravel package that we can use to display our app's database schema information from Terminal.

Laravel artisan command

Laravel Schema

This package will help to display database schema information from Terminal.

Available commands / Features

  1. php artisan schema:help Display the available commands and usages.
  2. php artisan schema:simple Display overall tables with total rows count.
  3. php artisan schema:list Display all the available tables. schema information in list (please see details below).
  4. php artisan schema:show Display all the available tables schema information in tabular form (please see details below).
  5. php artisan schema:table --t=yourTableName or --t=Namespace\\Model Display a table's paginated data (please see details below).
  6. php artisan schema:query --r="wirte your raw sql query in double quote" Perform a sql query.
  7. php artisan schema:monitor Display database server status.

Some screenshots

Schema information in tabular form

database info commandline

database info commandline

Tables name with rows count

Find more on here--> laravel-schema