A Laravel 5 package that switch default Laravel scaffolding / boilerplate to AdminLTE template with Bootstrap 3.0 and Pratt Landing Page

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See demo here:


Installation & use

So easy to install! Install globally with composer:

composer global require "acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer=~2.0"

And convert any Laravel fresh (no need of fresh installation now thanks to Acacha/llum) installation to AdminLTE/Pratt with:

laravel new laravel-with-admin-lte
cd laravel-with-admin-lte
adminlte-laravel install

Enjoy! If you want you can use llum

llum boot

To start using you Laravel with AdminLTE project. Llum will configure database (sqlite),execute migrations, install devtools and serve for you.

More info about llum commands in Github Acacha/llum.


This packages use (no need to install):

This package assumes that you have in path your composer bin folder:


For example adding this line:

export PATH=${PATH}:~/.composer/vendor/bin
to your ~/.bashrc file