If you want a load and stress testing tool that lets you monitor the performance of your app, try to use WAPT!


With just a few clicks, we can make thousands virtual users execute concurrent sessions against our web application. The great thing is, web solutions of all sizes and technologies can be tested with WAPT.

WAPT interface


Here are some prominent features of WAPT:

Distributed load generation

WAPT Pro license allows using two load generating systems by default. If you need a higher load, you can easily increase this number by purchasing additional load agent licenses. The system is fully scalable.

Remote test control and cloud-based testing

Tests can be launched from different locations using load agents installed anywhere, including cloud environments.

Server and database performance monitoring

Monitor performance parameters such as CPU, RAM or network usage and hundreds other counters from servers running your website.

JavaScript-enabled server response processing

In WAPT Pro you can use JavaScript code to process server responses and extract session-specific values from them

Automatic analysis of test results

You can use special JavaScript interface to find the slowest request or other specific feature in the results of a test.

Try it for free

You may try all the features of WAPT Pro for free at:

The official WAPT website


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