Finally, the wait is over! The Angular team has announced the final release version of Angular 2, the full-platform successor to Angular 1.

Angular 2 Laravel

Angular 2 (aka AngularJS 2) is a popular structural framework for building dynamic web apps. It is built by Google and has many features:

  • Deliver app-like experiences

  • Code generation

  • Universal

  • Code splitting (built-in Component Router)

  • Simple and powerful template syntax.

  • Angular CLI

  • Karma for unit tests and Protractor makes your scenario tests run faster.

  • Create complex choreographies and animation timelines

and many more!

Many Laravel developers are using AngularJS! Let's join them!

Release note


Angular 2 Documentation

Source Code

Official site

Angular 2 Book

The Angular 2 Book: Learning Laravel 5 with AngularJS will be updated to support the latest version of Angular 2 soon! Be sure to check it out!