Bagisto is an Open Source eCommerce Framework built on Laravel.

laravel ecommerce system

Unlike the traditional eCommerce Framework which is almost solved using plugins and extensions, Bagisto offers Multi-Warehouse Inventory which forms its core feature. It enhances and builds complete trust with the customers by delivering goods with absolute reliability.


  • Multi-Warehouse Inventory
  • Multiple Channels, Locale, Currencies.
  • Beautiful and Responsive Storefront.
  • Customer Cart, Wishlist, Product Reviews.
  • Simple and Configurable Products.
  • Check out more


We are also moving toward building the Multi-Vendor Marketplace, going mobile with PWA, implementing microservices and support to REST &GraphQL API. We will also be introducing Product Types like Booking and Subscription/Recurring, Dropshipping and Web-based POS. Check out more upcoming features here

With the code-driven approach and tech stack comprising Laravel and Vue.js, developers can easily build their own code on top of it and can change/add anything they want because of fully customizable structure and the mindset with which Bagisto was made.


We also have a forum for any type of your concern, feature request discussions. Please visit: Bagisto Forums


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher.
  • SERVER: Apache 2 or NGINX
  • RAM: 2 GB or higer.
  • PHP: 7.1.17 or higher.
  • Processor: Clock Cycle 1Ghz or higher.
  • Mysql: 5.7.23 or higher.
  • Node: 8.11.3 LTS or higher.
  • Composer: 1.6.5 or higher.


Step 1

Run this Command to download the project on to your local machine or server:

Note: If you have downloaded zip file then ignore this.

composer create-project bagisto/bagisto

if the above command's process was successful, you will find directory bagisto and all of the code will be inside it.

After it set your .env variable, especially the ones below:


Although you have to set the mailer variables also for the full functioning of your store for sending emails at various events by default.

Run this command below, if installing from the zip else skip:

composer install

Step 2

Run the following commands now

 - php artisan migrate
 - php artisan db:seed
 - php artisan vendor:publish
   -> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.
 - php artisan storage:link

That's it, now just execute the project on your specified domain entry point pointing to the public folder inside installation directory.




Free Software, Hell Yeah!