Microsoft has partnered with the programming community website HackerRank. Bing search engine now comes with a unique feature that provides executable code directly in the search results.

You can now search for code snippets and see the result directly without visiting websites like Stack Overflow or W3Schools.

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Microsoft has turned Bing into a specialized search engine for coding.

How to use this new code snippet feature?

Head over to:

First, make sure your region is set to United States - English in Bing.

Click on the Settings button on page and look for Regions in left sidebar and change your region to US.

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Now you can search queries like for loop in php, fibonacci in php, quick sort php, etc.

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Bing search engine can show more than 80 code snippets that cover the most commonly searched terms. More snippets will be added in the future!

Go ahead, give it a try!


Very useful isn't it?

Hopefully, we can search for Laravel snippets in the future!

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