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Generate CRUD directly via command line in laravel

Checkout this tutorial if you want create a simple crud application . further in this tutorial we will learn how to generate generate CRUD directly via command line in laravel by using a new laravel package called Laravel 5 CRUD Generator

Diving into the repository pattern of laravel

If you know a couple of things about good development and best practices, you have probably heard about software design patterns.

You can define them as useful solution templates for a certain kind of problem, or to be more precise:

In software

How to send/receive text messages in Laravel

Sending sms in laravel is easy by using simple sms package this allows you to end/receive (polling/pushing) text messages. Currently supports CallFire, EZTexting, Email Gateways, Mozeo, and Twilio.

Simple SMS is an easy to use package for Laravel

Google+ oAuth and Laravel in 60 seconds

In one of previous tutorials I wrote about Social Sign-in with Socialite Laravel package. Now I will show you how easy it is, to implement new authentication provider in existing project. I noticed that many Laravel users are struggling with Google+

Pivot tables and many-to-many relationships

Today I want to talk about a feature of Laravel which is really useful but can be potentially difficult to understand at first. Pivot table is an example of intermediate table with relationships between two other “main” tables.


Active menu state using route attributes

I bet you have a headache when you need to mark some menu item as active. Is there any good way to solve this? Yes, there is – route attributes.

What is route attributes? Standard route attributes are like “prefix”, “namesp

Laravel Searchable – the best package for eloquent

In this first post of a series about – the package that allows working with eloquent models in even simpler manner – I’m going to introduce you to the searchable feature of the builder class

Explore the World of Relationships in laravel 5.1

In a real-world context, everything is connected; for example, a car has an owner, a book has an author (or maybe more than one), or an e-commerce order is related to one or more products that a customer (another relation!) has ordered.


phpGrid, Laravel 5 and Bootstrap 3

This tutorial will begin by walking you through the integration of the Laravel 5 and Bootstrap 3 themes. Afterwards, we will show you how to add PHP datagrid. If the Laravel and Bootstrap theme are already up and running on your server, you can skip

Entrust package and Laravel 5.1.11+

Since Laravel 5.1.11, Laravel has provided the new authorization services (ACL) out of the box. That's great.

The bad news is, Entrust doesn't play well with the new feature (Entrust conflicts with Laravel 5.1's new built-in Authori