AshMenhennett released a package that we can use to build a forum app using Laravel 5.3 and Vue.js 2!

laravel vuejs forum


laravel forum

laravel forum 2


User role system, including Administrators (admin), Moderators (moderator) and standard Users (user).

Ability for Administrators to invite new users, with a specific role, as well as the ability to modify of current Users.

Ability for users to subscribe to Topics.

Ability for users to 'report' Posts and Topics.

Avatar image uploading to Amazon S3 storage.

Markdown support for creating posts. All posts are stored in database as Markdown and converted to HTML, when needed

@mention functionality, alerting Users by email when they are mentioned in a post. Including auto link generation, when a User uses the @mention functionality. I.e @ashmenhennett will be converted to a @ashmenhennett.