Epic Spinners is an Easy-to-use CSS spinners collection with Vue.js integration. Developed by Epicmax.

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Demo & Documentation

View demo to see vue.js components usage examples and html/css source code

vue.js spinner


npm install --save epic-spinners


Vue.js usage example

  <div id="app">

  // To use minified css and js files instead of .vue single file components:
  // import 'epic-spinners/dist/lib/epic-spinners.min.css'
  // import {AtomSpinner} from 'epic-spinners/dist/lib/epic-spinners.min.js'

  // To get tree shaking from webpack (won't import all spinners when you only need one)
  // import AtomSpinner from 'epic-spinners/src/components/lib/AtomSpinner'

  import {AtomSpinner} from 'epic-spinners'
  export default {
    components: {

To use pure html/css version, visit our gallery and click any spinner to see its html/css source code