A simple and flexible PHP platform built on Laravel framework which can help you to build website,e-commerce,monitoring tools... Groovel gives a solution for web artisans to help them in their development by using simple tools and web standard in a simply way. The objective of the platform is to facilitate the integration of new settings,new packages, and preserves an easy maintenance of the architecture. Groovel is a free open source platform.


Only less than 40 packages to make groovel working as a web platform

Easy to add features

Easy to test

First Made for small business but can be opening to bigger system!


Location Services

a basic service of users geography location

Bootstrap Twitter css

Design and compatibility framework with devices mobile and tablets

Elastic search integration

Groovel can be configured to use the framework Elasticsearch for high search scalability.The system provides otherwise a default search functionality

Full Real time Statistics

There is a service to help you to monitor users activities

Highly Customisable integration

Easy customization and installation of new packages managed by Composer framework administration

Full MVC architecture built on Laravel 5.1

Mapping Object relational database is used easy packages management with composer.

Easy and simple template engine

Blade template engine for powerful render users view

Easy Integration to your systems

You have mobile devices? groovel can be customised to discuss with them.

New multi language support in groovel version 2! show different contents in different language!