VueJs Consumer App – Laravel API with Passport

Hello everyone! Here I will show you how to consume a Laravel API with passport authentication in Vuejs app. In an earlier post, I have shown you how to integrate passport API into your Laravel apps. As a continuation, I will create a VueJs consumer app here in this tutorial.

laravel vuejs passport

Vuejs Consumer App – Create

Let’s create a new Vue standalone app using Vue CLI.

To use Vue CLI, first, we must have it installed in our system. If it is not already installed, just run the following command.

npm install -g @vue/cli

Now let’s create a new Vue app, run the following command.

vue create test-app

Install Axios for making API Calls

As I need to call the API here, I use Axios to do all HTTP requests and handle responses. So let us install it. Run the following command to install Axios.

npm install --save axios vue-axios

So after installing it, let us use it in our Vue app.

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