The most important thing to do when building a website is to improve our Website Security with SSL/TLS Certificate. SSL certificate helps to encrypt the sensitive data from a client to a server. Having HTTPS would also boost the search engine ranking, and that's crucial for your Laravel PHP apps.

If you're looking for a good SSL Certificate, try to use ZeroSSL. The service is free!

With ZeroSSL, we can easily secure any site by putting SSL management on autopilot, supporting one-step validation and renewal via REST API.

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Full Protection

Get full protection for any domain, website and backend system in under 5 minutes by using ZeroSSL, the easiest way to issue free SSL certificates.

Quick Validation

Get new and existing SSL certificates approved within a matter of seconds using one-step email validation, server uploads or CNAME verification.

ACME Integrations

Partnering with some of the biggest ACME providers, ZeroSSL allows you to manage and renew existing certificates without ever lifting a finger.


Save time and money by automating SSL certificate management using the ZeroSSL REST API, supporting certificate issuance, CSR validation, and more.

SSL certificate


To create a free certificate, first you need to go to ZeroSSL and create a free account.

Each user account is assigned a unique API access key, which must be passed to the API using a simple HTTP GET request parameter called access_key. You will find your API access key in the Developer section of your ZeroSSL management console.

You can find an example URL carrying an API access key below:

After that, follow the steps in the official documentation to learn how to manage your certificate.