Stacktips has a good tutorial on how to generate valid RSS Feed for a Laravel application.

Feeds are one of the traditional and most effective way to distribute your content to wider audience. There are thousands of apps such as Feedly, Apple News, Google Newsstand, that allows people to follow and read your content whenever new content is published.

Laravel valid css

Feeds allows web masters to drive traffic to their website. Some of the feed delivery platform such as Google Feed burner allows your to monetize your feed content by serving ads.

Generate RSS Feed in Laravel

According to web standards, there are different feed formats that are widely accepted. RSS and Atom are the most popular ones. Feeds are XML based, however they differ in specifications.

To make our life easy, we will generate valid RSS and Atom feed using roumen/feed Laravel open source library. In this article, we assume you have the basic knowledge of Laravel project and have a project handy to integrate.

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