PayPal in Laravel Applicaions

laravel paypel

Hello Laravel enthusiasts, welcome back to justlaravel. Here I will let you know how to integrate PayPal payment gateway in Laravel.

There are many payment gateways to integrate into your laravel applications. Previously I have written about Stripe payment gateway integration, you can check it here. Here I will tell you the one of the famous payment gateway PayPal.

Configuring PayPal in your app

First I will install PayPal SDK using composer.

composer require paypal/rest-api-sdk-php

Next, I need to login to PayPal developer mode, create a new sandbox account and get some keys like client_id and secret for testing this integration.

Login to to create a merchant account, so that you can sell or to credit funds to your account. You can also create buyer account, to buy from some merchant.

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