Looking for a set of tools to help speed up development of your Laravel applications? Use Laracogs!

Laracogs has a powerful FormMaker which can generate form content from tables, objects, and CRUD prototypes quickly.


What is Laracogs?

Laracogs is a package which can be added to any Laravel 5.1+ app which comes with a handful of commands and helpers to speed up your app development. Laracogs comes with a clean cut starter kit to initialize your app with authentication, admins, teams and all their views. Want to style it up? Run the bootstrap command to reset the views with Bootstrap templates. Then when you want to build onto your app with various CRUDs run the crud builder command to get the ball rolling.


Start a new Laravel project:

composer create-project laravel/laravel your-project-name

Then run the following to add Laracogs

composer require "yab/laracogs"

Add this to the config/app.php in the providers array:


Time to publish those assets!

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Yab\Laracogs\LaracogsProvider"

After these few steps you have the following tools at your fingertips:


The CRUD commands build a CRUD for a table with unit tests! Use the table-crud for tables that already exist.

php artisan laracogs:crud {table} {--migration} {--bootstrap} {--semantic} {--schema}
php artisan laracogs:table-crud {table} {--migration} {--bootstrap} {--semantic}


You can download Laracogs at: