The wait is over. Laravel 5.5 LTS is now officially released! This release comes with many new features.

Laravel 5.5's new features

Package Discovery

Beginning with Laravel 5.5, Laravel automatically detects and registers service providers and facades for you.

API Resources

Laravel 5.5 has a variety of methods to help to build resources and resource collections.

Whoops Package

Whoops package is now back. You can see errors clearer and find out the problem faster!

Console Command Auto-Registration

A new load method will scan the given directory for any console commands and register them automatically.

New Frontend Presets

Some new frontend preset options are now available. For example, you can switch to use React by typing:

php artisan preset react

Queued Job Chaining and Queued Job Rate Limiting

Now we can specify a list of queued jobs that should be run in sequence.

Validation Rule Objects

A new make:rule Artisan command will generate a new validation rule, helping you make custom validation rules easily.

Release notes:

For more information about Laravel 5's new features, check out the release notes:

Upgrading to Laravel 5.5.

Here is a guide showing you how to upgrade to Laravel 5.5

All books will be updated to support Laravel 5.5

If you've purchased our books, you'll get the Laravel 5.5 books for free.