Want to learn how to make a Laravel forum? Check out this awesome package from Atrakeur!

Laravel Forum, a drop-in forum package for Laravel 4/5 originally created by Atrakeur, is a project we've been building on for the past year. Version 2 for Laravel 5 started gaining some traction while we began on a total rewrite.

The list of changes and new features in version 3 is quite extensive, but here are some highlights:

Category creation and management

"Private" categories (using Laravel Authorisation)

Bulk and singular thread actions (including pinning and locking)

Soft and hard deletion capabilities on threads and posts

New internal API with REST interface and multiple authentication methods

User interaction events

Support for 8 languages

Many small tweaks, additions and removals

Let's take a look at some of these new features in detail.

Feature Highlights

Category Creation & Management Out of the box, you now have the ability to create, rename, move and change the properties of categories instead of having to delve into your database schema and define categories by hand.

Two new properties have also been added:

Enable threads: If enabled, threads can be created and seen in the category. If disabled, new threads can no longer be created and existing ones are hidden. Private: If enabled, authorisation will kick in for the category and prevent it from being viewed or listed anywhere for the current user based on the ForumPolicy::view ability. Category creation

Categories can be nested to any level and may be set to disallow new threads or behave as a "private" category.

Thread Management & Direct Replies

![enter image description here][1] Thread locking and pinning

Thread actions include a few new additions such as moving to new categories and deleting, which behaves in much the same way as category deletion.