welcm shows us how to manually deploying your Laravel project to a live web server.

You’ve been developing your new Laravel project locally for some time, you’ve hit your feature milestones and the app has passed testing. Everything is checked in to your git master branch, so now it’s time to deploy it to a live server and let your end customers access it.

Whilst there are a number of tools to help automate or simplify the deployment process, such as Laravel Forge, we believe it’s beneficial to go through the process of manually deploying a Laravel project at least once, as it helps with understanding the architecture and can make for smoother updates and easier troubleshooting in the future.

In this guide we’ll be doing just that, we’re not going to focus heavily on the server configuration side of things as this can vary depending on your host but instead on the steps required to get your app from your local environment into your production environment.

laravel live server