Laravel File Manager is a good Laravel package which we can use manage files in Laravel 5.

laravel file manager


laravel file manager


Frontend on Vue.js - vue-laravel-file-manager

Work with the file system is organized by the standard means Laravel Flysystem: Local, FTP, S3, Dropbox

The ability to work only with the selected disks

Several options for displaying the file manager:

One-panel view

One-panel + Directory tree


The minimum required set of operations:

Creating files

Creating folders

Copying / Cutting Folders and Files


Uploading files (multi-upload)

Downloading files

Two modes of displaying elements - table and grid

Preview for images

Viewing images

Full screen mode

More operations (v.2):

Audio player (mp3, ogg, wav, aac), Video player (webm, mp4) - (Plyr)

Code editor - (Code Mirror)

Image cropper - (Cropper.js)

Zip / Unzip - only for local disks

Integration with WYSIWYG Editors:

CKEditor 4

TinyMCE 4


Standalone button

Supported locales : ru, en, ar


Source Code