​If you're finding a tool to detect errors and debug your Laravel applications, try Rollbar - one of the best remote error logging systems.

The best thing is: it's free to use!

Rollbar Laravel

Rollbar also supports all major languages and frameworks, such as PHP, Node.js, Angularjs, Ruby, Java, Swift, Python, etc.

Rollbar 2 What is Rollbar?

Rollbars error monitoring helps web and mobile developers detect, diagnose and defeat application errors faster. You can view exceptions from all of your frameworks, platforms and environments in one place. It's easy to install and super lite weight. You can start tracking production errors and deployments in 8 minutes or less. Keeping software healthy and users happy.​

Over 35,000 developers rely on Rollbar to track 11,949,317,631 errors​

Rollbar features

Rollbar has many features. Here is a list of prominent features:

  • Rollbar works with all major languages and frameworks

  • Rollbar collects a wide variety of context data, including detailed
    stack traces, request params, URL, environment, affected users and
    much more​

  • Review error trends by occurrence, browser, deployment, OS, location, user, host.​

  • With Rollbar, your application errors automatically get grouped by
    root cause.​

    See which users experienced specific errors. Or look up the full history of errors seen by a particular user.​

How to use Rollbar?

Visit Rollbar homepage to learn more and register a new account. It's free:

Rollbar homepage

You may learn how to integrate Rollbar into your Laravel projects by reading these articles:

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Laravel and Rollbar package

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