The package provides the perfect starting point to integrate ElasticSearch into your Laravel application. It is carefully crafted to simplify the usage of ElasticSearch within the Laravel Framework.

laravel scout package

It’s built on top of the latest release of Laravel Scout, the official Laravel search package. Using this package, you are free to take advantage of all of Laravel Scout’s great features, and at the same time leverage the complete set of ElasticSearch’s search experience.


Search amongst multiple models

Zero downtime reimport - it’s a breeze to import data in production.

Elasticsearch 7.0 ready - We don't use mapping types.

Import all searchable models at once.

A fully configurable mapping for each model.

Full power of ElasticSearch in your queries


Use composer to install the package:

composer require matchish/laravel-scout-elasticsearch

Set env variables


The package uses \ElasticSearch\Client from official package, but don't try to config it, so you feel free do it in your app service provider. But if you don't want to do it right now, you can use Matchish\ElasticSearchServiceProvider from package. Register the provider, adding to config/app.php

'providers' => [
    // Other Service Providers




And publish config example for elasticsearch

php artisan vendor:publish --tag config

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