If you're looking for a way to send physical mail to your customers using Laravel, try Lob!

Sending mail with Laravel and lob

​Lob is building a suite of APIs for the enterprise. Built with developers in mind, Lob provides tools that allow businesses to build scalable and powerful applications. The most popular API is a print and mail API that enables companies to send postcards, letters, checks, and more as effortlessly as sending emails.

Lob mails

Lob is based in San Francisco, CA and is venture backed with over 6000 customers including Amazon, Square, and Counsyl.​



  • Similar to Sendgrid or Twilio, Lob provides the building blocks for us to incorporate print and mail into our application with simple APIs.

  • Send 1 or 1 million at a time; the web service is always available and requests go through instantly so your mail is more timely and relevant

  • Automate and trigger physical mail to individuals based on events or actions

  • Use webhooks to follow your mail through the mail stream with live tracking events and PDF proofs

  • Libraries are available in PHP, Node, Ruby, Python, and Java.

Documentation and Libraries

​If you wish to learn more about Lob's API and wrappers, take a look at its documentation:

Lob Documentation

lob documentation

And the libraries:

Lob's Libraries

Try it now for free!

You may register an account for free and try Lob now at:

The official Lob website

We can't wait to see your cool Laravel + Lob apps!

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