This Laravel 5 package created by eblount will periodically monitor the health of your server and website.

Currently, it provides healthy/alarm status notifications for Disk Usage, an HTTP Ping function to monitor the health of external services, and a validation/expiration monitor for SSL Certificates.

Server monitor Laravel

Once installed, monitoring your server is very easy. Just issue this artisan command:

php artisan monitor:run

You can run only certain monitors at a time:

php artisan monitor:run HttpPing
php artisan monitor:run SSLCertificate,DiskUsage

How It Works

Using the configuration file in your project, any number of monitors can be configured to check for problems with your server setup.

When the monitor:run artisan command is executed, either from the command line or using the Laravel command scheduler, the monitors run and alert if there is an issue. The alarm state is configurable, and alerts can be sent to the log, or via email, Pushover, and Slack.

Disk Usage Monitors

Disk usage monitors check the percentage of the storage space that is used on the given partition, and alert if the percentage exceeds the configurable alarm percentage.

HTTP Ping Monitors

HTTP Ping monitors perform a simple page request and alert if the HTTP status code is not 200. They can optionally check that a certain phrase is included in the source of the page.

SSL Certificate Monitors

SSL Certificate monitors pull the SSL certificate for the configured URL and make sure it is valid for that URL. Wildcard and multi-domain certificates are supported.

The monitor will alert if the certificate is invalid or expired, and will also alert when the