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Laravel 5.2 Video Series - build contact manager -- Part 1

Welcome to Laravel video series. In this video series we gonna learn Laravel 5.2 by building simple app, Contact Manager from scratch. So we can show all contacts with pagination, add new contact, update contact, delete contact. Also upload photo for

Custom Pagination Presenters with Laravel 5.2

Codecourse has a good tutorial about Custom Pagination Presenters with Laravel 5.2.

Description -----------

You might need to change the way your Laravel pagination links are displayed. Well, here's how.

Easy Flash Notifications with Flashy (Laravel Package)

This tutorial shows you how to integrate Flashy into your Laravel app

Creating an API using Laravel 5.1

This tutorial shows you how to create an API using laravel 5.1

Creating an API using Laravel 5.1

eCommerce site using VueJS & Laravel (part 1)

In these streams I'll be making an eCommerce site using Laravel and various packages. Among the things we'll be using aside from Laravel include:

Laravel-uuid for non-enumerable product id's

Laravel Social Media - Authentication & posting statuses

Sam shows you how to authenticate users and post status using Laravel 5 framework.

Laravel Video Series: From 0 To Deploy

The two of us come together in this raw footage of building a Blog in Laravel. You get both the insights of an experienced Laravel Software Writer (Alfred Nutile) and the questions of a WordPress developer new to Laravel, (Joe Bacal)

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Setting up Laravel 5.1 on Semaphore CI

Here I show how to set up a Laravel 5.1 project on Semaphore CI for continuous integration testing.

Sorry about the crickets in the background, and occasional air conditioner noise; I like to work on my back patio, and evening fell while I was rec