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Dealing with Eager loading and the N + 1 problem in Laravel

Every powerful tool must be used wisely. Relationships in Eloquent are no exception to the rule. Actually, one of the most common problems in using Eloquent is the N + 1 problem. To explain it, I will use an example as usual.

Let’s suppose t

Comparing Blade and Twig templates in Laravel

In my company, we use Twig instead of Blade for our Laravel projects. I know there are a lot of developers that also prefer Twig over Blade. So the question ‘Why choose Twig over Blade?’ often pops up. The reason is usually just a matter

Integrating Bootstrap Admin Template with Laravel 5

The example in this tutorial will be using a Bootstrap template from almsaeedstudio called “AdminLTE”. You can preview it here:

You can find other admin templates at my previous post Most Popular Free Admin T

Dealing with files & uploads in Laravel 5

Laravel 5 includes the excellent Flysystem project for interacting with files both in the application filesystem, as well as popular cloud-based storage solutions such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Rackspace. Filesystems are config

Easy way to manage menus in Laravel 5

Are you the type of person that writes menus by hand in view files or do you find yourself looking for the best place to store links to pages on your website? then Menu is for you!

Create a browsable horses profiles with laravel 5

We are going to build a browsable database of horse profiles. Visitors will be able to create pages for their horses and fill in basic information such as the name, date of birth, and breed of each horses. This application will implement the default

Uploading an image using Redactor in Laravel

There are a few different JavaScript libraries that can turn a form’s text area into a WYSIWYG editor. Redactor is a newer library but is very well coded and has gained quite a bit of popularity in a short amount of time. For this recipe, we&rs

Easy way to use Form Builder in laravel 5.1

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Laravel’s form builder. The form builder will be demonstrated to facilitate the building of the following elements:

Form (open and close) Label Input (text, HTML5 password, HTML5 e-mail, and so o