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Deploy your Laravel applications using these easy methods

In this tutoroial, we will learn how to deploy Laravel applications. We will see different methods that you can use to deploy Laravel applications. Also, we will see the configuration changes that you might need to make on some of the popular web hos

Laravel 5.1.11 has been released!

Laravel 5.1.11 includes support for authorization and new "policies" feature.

Implementing these new features into your Laravel 5.1 applications is very easy.

For more information, you can read it here:


Creating a Simple CRUD Application in Laravel

Let’s create a simple CRUD application with Laravel. The application we want to create will manage the users of our application. We will create the following list of features for our application:

List users (read users from the database) Cr

10 packages that will make your Laravel app easier

Intervention Image is a PHP image handling and manipulation library providing an easier and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. The package includes ServiceProviders and Facades for easy Laravel integration.

Create Stripe checkout form in Laravel

## Summary

In this tutorial I will create a simple Stripe checkout form. Form will be validated using Parsley.js (front-end validation) and then submitted to the server to create a Stripe customer and after that the customer will be charged with t

Easy way to add Friends System for users in Laravel

In this article we will learn how to add facebook like friends system in laravel 5.1! For this we will be using a package called Friendly! Please note that this package is still building so you can have better features in the future

Laravel 5 and Dropzone.js auto image uploads with removal links

Dropzone is the best free library for drag and drop file uploads. It has a bunch of features and options so you can customize it in a number of ways.

Implementing Dropzone in Laravel project could be a bit tricky for users without experience, so I

Using Telegram Messenger for Laravel application notifications

Telegram is new messenger similar to Viber, WhatsApp and FB messenger in terms of features, but superior when it comes to security. It is using many security mechanisms including strong encryption and it is extremely fast.

It is built for all plat