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Real-time Apps with Laravel 5.1 and Event Broadcasting

In Laravel 5.1, the framework includes functionality called broadcasting events that makes it easy to create real-time apps in PHP. With this new functionality, an app can publish events to various cloud-based real-time PubSub solutions, like Pusher,

Laravel Homestead: debug an API with Xdebug and cURL in Sublime Text

There are a few tutorials out there about how to set up Sublime Text and Xdebug so they play nice together. The good news is that in our case, Homestead has covered the configuration of Xdebug for us: the tool is already available and reporting for d

Creating custom packages with Laravel 5

One of the great things about Laravel is it’s flexibility. In this tutorial we are going to go through every step of developing our own custom package, from coding to deploying our package on Packagist and Github for other developers to use. Le

AdminLTE template Laravel package

A Laravel package that switch default Laravel scaffolding/boilerplate to AdminLTE template, which is free!

- - - - - - -

Alternatively, you may use the popular Josh Laravel Admin template:


How to Build a Basic Laravel CRUD App Part 2

In the previous part, we’ve bootstrapped our Laravel CRUD application by creating the database, some controllers, basic routes and simple views. In this part, we’ll wrap things up and implement proper CRUD.

RESTful API in Lumen, A Laravel Micro Framework

Lumen is a “micro-framework” built on top of Laravel’s components created by Taylor Otwell who is also responsible for Laravel.

It has been designed to develop micro services like small application or web service. It has been dev

How to Build a Basic Laravel CRUD App Part 1

In this tutorial, we’re going to build and run a simple CRUD application from scratch using Laravel 5.

Using Laravel 5.0 with AngularJS (part 2 of 5) – Migrations, Controllers, Validations in Laravel 5.0

This is a 5-part tutorial which we re-visit the good old quote app Oneline we had done in Laravel 4.2, while revising the skills we had been picking up from this blog. We are focusing on Laravel 5.0 this time, but will also dig deeper into AngularJS