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Feature Flags In Laravel

We are working on using FeatureFlags or Toggles in our applications. For one we are aiming to do all our work on mainline branch at all times so this would be a key coding discipline to use FeatureFlags so we can hide a feature in progress knowing it

Getting rid of Laravel models to improve performance of the command ( profiling)

We are currently working on a very interesting system which is a digital Sommelier service. With complex formulas built by professional sommeliers we match dishes and wines, and we’ve built mobile apps to allow people in restaurants, shops or a

Slack Custom Commands and Laravel to Make an American to British Translater

Laravel or anything you are comfortable with making a Route and Response will work fine really.

This "messaging as a platform" is a new world for me, challenging my way of thinking in many ways. Some things just do not need a authenticat

Diving Into a Laravel Audit

Introduction ------------

Recently the Zaengle team was asked to look over an existing Laravel application and give a review of the overall state of the code. We were to act as an independent third party, between a new studio who had inherited th

API Token Authentication in Laravel 5.2

I recently had the need to write a small url shortening application. I am aware that this problem has been solved quite a few times before, but what is being a developer if not reinventing the wheel just for the heck of it? Custom CMS anyone?


7 Key Laravel 5.2 New Features & Improvements

Laravel is the most demanding framework in the PHP community with state of the art features and plugins. It is used for rapid application development with tested functionality and is maintained by a big community, having previous flagship framework k

Laravel 5.2: Morph Map

A new undocumented feature in laravel 5.2 was introduced: The Morph Map for morphTo relations.

We all know the polymorphic relations, they are a type of relation to link multiple models with one common model. For instance if you have a User and a

Importing demo data into a Laravel application

The on-boarding experience that your users experience when they are first getting to grips with your application will make or break you.

Trying a new application is time consuming and will require a lot of investment and so your potential customer