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Laravel and shared-hosting: working with FTP and phpMyAdmin

With Laravel, we get used to command line commands like composer install or artisan migrate. But what if we have only shared-hosting from client, with only FTP access and phpMyAdmin to manage database? Laravel is still usable in this case, but there

Setting up free SSL with Laravel Forge and Cloudflare

Until recently we purchased SSL certificates for all our domain names, but with recent changes to Cloudflare and the new LetsEncrypt service it is possible to get SSL for free - and with less effort. Here you’ll learn about our preferred method

Adventure Time With Webpack

Over the past few weeks I've been migrating our asset pipeline at Spatie from Laravel Elixir (a gulp wrapper) to webpack. Between having endless possibilities, the occasional incomplete section in the docs, and the fact that everyone has slightl

Laravel 5.1 Behat and Codeship

The new integration testing features with Laravel 5.1 make Behat almost not needed BUT we do a lot of AngularJs work and instead of using karma to test the ui we enjoy using behat since we like the Gherkin Syntax and how we can easily code custom ste

Remote Behat Testing with Laravel

This document will cover how to use a Behat specific API to setup a site for testing. What this includes is setting up a Scenario so that it has the data you need to run a test. This makes it possible not to rely on Seed data for this. This will allo

Adding Slack Slash Commands to a Laravel application

Slack has exploded in popularity in the last year or so with thousands of companies adopting it as the central communication tool for their team or organisation.

Slack is basically just modern IRC with a better user interface, but Slack has also b

Using dhtmlxGantt with Laravel Framework [Tutorial]

Our developers always try to provide you with the possibility to use our components in different ways. In this article, we’ll talk about dhtmlxGantt. We’ll learn how to use this component with the Laravel framework. Laravel is a free, ope

PHP Laravel 5.2 + AngularJS

Learn how to build a website using Laravel and AngularJS