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Laravel : Repositories the right way

If you want to make your application testable you should really use Repositories in order to perform unit tests without touching the database.

In my case I was programming a Fantasy Football game and I will stick with the Team model.

The Team m

Laravel Forum 3.0 Pre-Release

Want to learn how to make a Laravel forum? Check out this awesome package from Atrakeur!

Laravel Forum, a drop-in forum package for Laravel 4/5 originally created by Atrakeur, is a project we've been building on for the past year. Version 2 f

Retrieve data from Google Analytics in laravel 5.1

In this article i will talk about Retrieving data from Google Analytics in laravel 5.1 ! google anylytics in best tool for webmasters for generating advanced reports of their websites . for this purpose we will use alaravel package called laravel-ana

Creating custom packages - Laravel 5.x

Custom packages is a simple practical example showing a way to build customized packages in Laravel. In this example you are going to go through every step of developing your own custom packages.

Folder structure ----------------

The first thi

Laravel Video Series: From 0 To Deploy

The two of us come together in this raw footage of building a Blog in Laravel. You get both the insights of an experienced Laravel Software Writer (Alfred Nutile) and the questions of a WordPress developer new to Laravel, (Joe Bacal)

By the time y

Turbocharing The Web With PHP 7

The Zend Performance Team has created a nice infographic about the performance of PHP 7 and PHP 5. PHP 7 is going to rock the PHP world!

![enter image description here][1]


Introducing Laravel Spark: A Deep Dive

If you've been around on the general Laravel-interested Internet over the last month or two, or if you attended Laracon US or Laracon EU, you've probably already heard of Laravel Spark. If you haven't, check out Taylor's introduct

How to send both HTML and Plain Text Password Reset Emails in Laravel 5.1

Laravel comes with an included Authentication system complete with password resets that saves you from the burden of having to set it manually on all your projects. In one of the apps I built, there have been reports of the password reset not making