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Functional testing with Behat in Laravel 5

While phpspec follows the BDD by specification and is useful for specification and design in isolation, its complimentary tool Behat is used for integration and functional tests. Since phpspec suggests to mock everything, database queries wouldn&rsqu

Descending the code in Laravel 5

In this section you are going to read, I will go through the Model class and analyze it a little deeper than the usual. Nothing so advanced, so don’t worry: I will just use the class code to show you what you can do with your models.

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Laravel 5 client side validation with Parsley.js

When I was starting in Web development I was coding client side validation in pure JavaScript, after that I started using jQuery, and finally I discovered Parsley.js. Every time my motivation to move from one option to another was amount of code I ne

Google reCaptcha in Laravel application

There are many options when it comes to captcha but most elegant solution is Google reCaptcha for sure. User is required only to click on checkbox and in some cases he needs to select few similar images and that’s all.

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10 packages to easily deal with eloquent in Laravel

As we all know laravel eloquent has changed the way we deal database! So here are the list of 10 packages to easily deal with eloquent in Laravel.

Database testing with PHPUnit in Laravel

PHPUnit is well integrated with Laravel 5 as it was with Laravel 4, so it is rather easy to set up the testing environment. A good method for testing would be to use the SQLite database and to set it up to reside in the memory, but you need to modify

5 must have packages for Laravel 5

As Laravel 5 has been around for a few months now, I figure i’d gather my favorite packages here for the rest of you to see. Enjoy!

Am I missing a cool useful package? Let me know and i’ll add it.

How to craft a e-shop with Laravel

In this tutorial series we are going to build a simple but complete digital goods e-shop using Laravel 5.1. The shop will sell only digital articles in a zipped file format, downloadable by the customer once the order and the payment is done. It wil