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Easy way to add Friends System for users in Laravel

In this article we will learn how to add facebook like friends system in laravel 5.1! For this we will be using a package called Friendly! Please note that this package is still building so you can have better features in the future

Laravel 5 and Dropzone.js auto image uploads with removal links

Dropzone is the best free library for drag and drop file uploads. It has a bunch of features and options so you can customize it in a number of ways.

Implementing Dropzone in Laravel project could be a bit tricky for users without experience, so I

Using Telegram Messenger for Laravel application notifications

Telegram is new messenger similar to Viber, WhatsApp and FB messenger in terms of features, but superior when it comes to security. It is using many security mechanisms including strong encryption and it is extremely fast.

It is built for all plat

Import and export Excel and CSV files in Laravel 5

An eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV files inLaravel 5.* with the power of PHPOffice’s PHPExcel

Integrate sweetAlert in Laravel 5

Sweet alert is A beautiful replacement for JavaScript’s “Alert”

Easy way to manage themes in Laravel 5

Theme is a theme management for Laravel 5, it is the easiest way to organize your skins, layouts and assets. Right now Theme supports PHP, Blade, and Twig.

Easy way to manage widgets in Laravel 5

Are you the type of person that writes widgets by hand in view files or do you find yourself looking for the best place to store links to pages on your website? then this is for you!

Dealing with Eager loading and the N + 1 problem in Laravel

Every powerful tool must be used wisely. Relationships in Eloquent are no exception to the rule. Actually, one of the most common problems in using Eloquent is the N + 1 problem. To explain it, I will use an example as usual.

Let’s suppose t