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Creating Laravel AngularJS Application Series – Part 1

In this first video in a unset number in the series we will walk through setting up a CentOS 6.5 server with a typical AMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and getting it ready for a development environment which we will use to construct an application wit

Creating a Polling Application Using AngularJS and Laravel Part 2

A Single Page Application usually rely on a remote server to store and retrieve data using Ajax calls. Making such calls directly inside controllers can clutter the code base with unnecessary repetitions of the similar logic. In this kind of situatio

Let's build: An AngularJS app with Browserify and Gulp

Today I want to show a generic workflow and setup I have used a lot lately when working on building apps with Angular. It uses Gulp as a CI system and Browserify to minimize code clutter and maximize awesomeness. So let's jump in.

Creating a Polling Application Using AngularJS and Laravel Part 1

In this tutorial, we will build a single page polling web application using AngularJS and Laravel. Our application will allow the users to select one of the listed polls and submit their choice. The users will also be able to view the stats of the po

Simple data sync API using Laravel

Learn how create an API call that keeps the server’s data in sync with the client using Laravel 4

Use illuminate\routing package outside Laravel 4

Learn how to use illuminate\routing package outside Laravel 4.

Let’s talk Gulp

Learn how to implement Gulp to your Laravel 4 application:

Decoupling your code in Laravel

A good tutorial about decoupling our code in Laravel using Repositiories and Services: