Introducing the new Vue.js 2 Book, 2019 Edition!

vue book 2019

Vue.js 2 book was the first Vue 2 book on the market. And it's now the first Vue book that supports Bootstrap 4 and the newest version of Laravel.

All chapters have been updated. This new book comes with new images, updated content, and we can now build apps with Vue CLI 3 - the official standard toolchain for Vue applications!

If you don't know Vue.js yet, you should learn it right away! Vue is one of the best Javascript frameworks, and it's officially supported by Laravel.

Read The New Book

Note: This is a major update. You can still read 50% of the Vue book for free! If you've purchased the old version of the book, you can download this new version for free. Yes! Free! A special holiday gift from Nathan Wu. 

Book Description

Vue.js 2 Book: Learn Vue.js with Laravel 5 and Bootstrap 4 is one of the very first Vue.js books. Throughout four chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will show you how to build practical Vue applications from scratch. This book has been structured very carefully, teaching you all you need to know about Vue and its features.

Throughout the book, you'll also learn and build many real-world features: Vue single-file components, CRUD operations, form validations, JWT authentication, APIs, etc.

We first start with the basics. You will learn some main concepts and create a simple website. After that, we progress to building more advanced web applications.

By the end of this book, you'll gain a solid understanding of Vue and how it interacts with a Laravel backend.

Learn by doing!

If you want to get up to speed in VueJS as quickly as possible, this is the number one book for you!