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Upload and edit image using Croppic jQuery plugin

I often have to code image upload widgets for profile photos or some kind of image editing feature. Each website layout uses custom photo sizes and cropping those image on server side could cause image distortion. Because of this I like to put image

Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice!

With more than four years of experience with Codeigniter PHP framework we believe that learning, setting up and working with it are all fairly easy. Even our junior developers are able to inculcate the skills necessary for scheduled delivery which, f

Laravel 5.2 Video Series - build contact manager -- Part 1

Welcome to Laravel video series. In this video series we gonna learn Laravel 5.2 by building simple app, Contact Manager from scratch. So we can show all contacts with pagination, add new contact, update contact, delete contact. Also upload photo for

Create a sitemap with Laravel and Bard

Hello bards! It took me a long time to write this, but now it's finally here. In this post I will show you how to install and use the package that I have created called Bard for easily creating sitemaps.

Bard ----

Bard is framework agnost

Process big DB table with chunk() method

Let’s imagine the situation: you have a big database table (like 10 000 rows or bigger) and you need to run an update to one column. But you cannot run just SQL query – there is some PHP logic behind it. So foreach loop could potentially

Three new features in Laravel 5.2.22

Two days ago Taylor Otwell released a new minor version of Laravel framework – 5.2.22. Along with some small fixes, there are a few new functions, let’s look into them.

A lot of people think that Laravel is a creature by Taylor Otwell

Laravel SMTP driver vs. API drivers

After Mandrill changed their pricing model, I (as well as many others) started exploring different transactional email services. Laravel only supports a couple providers out of the box, but what about the others?

Laravel SMTP driver vs. API drivers

Building a Hacker News Reader with Lumen

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a reader for Hacker News. We will be using the Hacker News API and the Lumen framework to implement this.

Building a Hacker News Reader with Lumen