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Laravel 5.2: Morph Map

A new undocumented feature in laravel 5.2 was introduced: The Morph Map for morphTo relations.

We all know the polymorphic relations, they are a type of relation to link multiple models with one common model. For instance if you have a User and a

Importing demo data into a Laravel application

The on-boarding experience that your users experience when they are first getting to grips with your application will make or break you.

Trying a new application is time consuming and will require a lot of investment and so your potential customer

Host Laravel 5.2 in Openshift for Free

lets cut crap about intro and other stuff and head to main topic :D


1. Create new account or login existing account in [Openshift][1].

2. Create new HHVM application or go to this [HHVM in Openshift][2] and set your domain name and ap

Creating an API using Laravel 5.1

This tutorial shows you how to create an API using laravel 5.1

Creating an API using Laravel 5.1

A Laravel factory with starting and ending dates

Laravel provides a convenient way to seed your database with fake data for testing purpose using a system of factories for your Eloquent models.

This is a demonstration of how to create a factory for a model that is using starting and ending dates

SHIFT - An automated upgrade tool for your Laravel projects.

Does Shift upgrade everything? ------------------------------

Not everything.

Shift attempts to upgrade your Laravel project so you just need to run composer install. However, given the dynamic nature of PHP and the infinite customization of a

Laravel and Content Negotiation

Here's a little bit about content negotiation.

An HTTP client, such as your browser, or perhaps jQuery's ajax method, can set an Accept header as part of an HTTP request.

Accept Header -------------

This header is meant to tell th

AND-OR-AND + brackets with Eloquent

Eloquent is a great thing – you can build your query step-by-step and then call get() method. But sometimes it gets a little tricky for more complicated queries – for example, if you have multiple AND-OR conditions and you want to put bra