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Easy timezones in Laravel with Carbon

Here is a simple way to manage storing and displaying dates and times in Laravel in the user's timezone.

First of all, we are going to store all dates and times in UTC. In Laravel, make sure that the timezone is set to UTC in config/app.php

Laravel 5 Cookbook Translators

We're looking for translators. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for everything!

## List of Translators

1. **Chinese**: Lee Abel

2. **Italian:** Gio Seniga

3. **Portuguese:** Vinicius Figueiredo

Laravel 5 Cookbook Contributors

A list of all contributors who support us.

洪 雷

Priit Kivisoo

Javy Chen

James Bui

Kevin Jones


Laravel 5 Cookbook Changelog

# Changelog

### Current Version

- Version: 3.0

- Status: complete.

### Releases

11/21/17: All chapters of Laravel 5 Cookbook, 3rd Edition are now available.

### Old Releases

**01/04/16:** Draft version 0.1 is released


Laravel 5 Cookbook Status

+ Buy now and grab it at a good price!

+ This book supports Laravel 5.2 and **Laravel 5.5** (can be used for Laravel 5.3, Laravel 5.4 too).

+ November 21, 2017: Laravel 5 Cookbook, 3rd Edition is available.

+ Release Date: 4th April 2016

A PHP 7 / Laravel package to create slugs

Spatie, the company where I work, recently released a Laravel package called laravel-sluggable. It automatically creates unique slugs when saving a model.

To install that package you just need to put the provided Spatie\Sluggable\HasSlug-trait on

Using collection macros in Laravel

Laravel 5.2 provides some nice additions to the framework. One handy feature that I don’t see listed in the release notes is that Collection now is macroable. Using it’s macro function you can easily extend Illuminate\Support\Collection

Form array validation in Laravel 5.2

It's time to start writing about the new features in Laravel 5.2! You'll notice that many of these features are quicker and easier to learn and write up, so it may seem that it's a smaller release. But many of the features in 5.2 will