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Easily develop a Ecommerce website with Laravel

I have tested many packages for laravel Ecommerce website development but many of them were incomplete or useless but here is a great package that will ease your laravel ecommerce development .

Here i am talking about LARAVEL SHOP package which

Environment specific variables in Laravel's testing environment

In Laravel, it's easy to set environment variables that are specific to your testing environment. Just edit your phpunit.xml file and set them as entries in the block:

10 less-known (but awesome!) Laravel Collections methods

Laravel Eloquent is awesome – probably I don’t need to tell you that. What is less known is the list of methods to work with Eloquent Collections. You can filter them, slice them, easily modify etc. But let’s look at it one by one.

Laravel 5 Blog Tutorial

Introduction ------------

Allow me to start this tutorial with a business perspective then jump into the technical aspect of it.

**Why should you allow me to do this?**

Because we develop technical tools that add value to the business of ou

SERIES: Build an app with Laravel 5 (backend) and AngularJS (frontend) – Part 1

Baljeet Singh wrote a nice tutorial on how to use Laravel and AngularJS together.

SERIES: Build an app with Laravel 5 (backend) and AngularJS (frontend) – Part 1

How Laravel Facades Work and How to Use Them Elsewhere

The Facade pattern is a software design pattern which is often used in object oriented programming. A facade is, in fact, a class wrapping a complex library to provide a simpler and more readable interface to it. The Facade pattern can also be used t

Paginating Searches with Laravel

In Laravel it’s easy to do searches on your Eloquent models, and it’s easy to paginate a collection of models. It’s also easy to put those two concepts together, paginating a search of models, but how to do that might not be immedia

Building a Laravel form without Illuminate/html

Laravel 5 version got us confused by separating our beloved Form::open world into a separate package. Now you have to add “illuminate/html”: “~5.0″ to your projects, whenever you want to use forms, right? Not necessary, you ca