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Learn to send emails using Gmail and Sendgrid in Laravel 5

Laravel provides many methods to send emails. You may use a plain PHP method to send emails, or you may use some email service providers such as Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Amazon SES, etc.

Learn to send emails using Gmail and Sendgrid in Laravel 5

Simple blog application in Laravel 5

Learn how to create a simple blogging application with following features:

Anyone can login/register

Users can be ‘admin’, ‘author’ or ‘subscriber’.

Authors can write/update/delete their own posts.


Creating oauth server in Laravel 5 using bshaffer

This tutorial will show how to implement our own OAuth server using the bhaffer library in Laravel 5. There are small changes in the implementation of the library in Laravel 5 which I have shown in the video. And you can view the source code on this

Build A Link Sharing Website With Laravel 5

Building your own applications, even on a simple or small scale, is a great way to build your skills. This Link Sharing Website tutorial using Laravel will help us to do just that.

Building A Support Ticket System

> *Important: This is a stable version. Let us know what you liked or may have disliked. We will be updating all chapters regularly to fix bugs and mistakes.*

> *Note: We've updated this chapter to support **Laravel 5.2**.

# Chapter

Real-time Apps with Laravel 5.1 and Event Broadcasting

In Laravel 5.1, the framework includes functionality called broadcasting events that makes it easy to create real-time apps in PHP. With this new functionality, an app can publish events to various cloud-based real-time PubSub solutions, like Pusher,


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Laravel Homestead: debug an API with Xdebug and cURL in Sublime Text

There are a few tutorials out there about how to set up Sublime Text and Xdebug so they play nice together. The good news is that in our case, Homestead has covered the configuration of Xdebug for us: the tool is already available and reporting for d