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Laravel Spark Alpha is now available!

Spark is an experimental project primarily intended for building business oriented SaaS applications, and is highly opinionated towards that use case.

You can download and explore Laravel Spark by visiting this repo:

How to craft a e-shop with Laravel

In this tutorial series we are going to build a simple but complete digital goods e-shop using Laravel 5.1. The shop will sell only digital articles in a zipped file format, downloadable by the customer once the order and the payment is done. It wil

Complete Guide To How Google Ranks Websites

Northcutt has provided an excellent complete guide about Google Ranking factors. (Click on the above link to view)

There’s a lot of information floating around these days about what makes a site rank higher in Google’s free5, organic l

Easy way to manage or add modules in Laravel 5.1

Module is like a laravel package, it have some views, controllers or models

Create Movies and Actors Databases with Laravel

Designing and developing a successful RESTful API is mostly very difficult. There are a lot of aspects to designing and writing a successful RESTful API; for example, securing and limiting the API. In this chapter, we’ll focus on the basics of

New ACL features in Laravel 5.1.11

Since the Laravel 5.1.11 release it is providing some great new authorization features. Let's dive right in. So we all already know about the Authentication features in Laravel. They are nice, but in many applications just a start in handling y

Route middleware unravelled in Laravel 5.1

Two route-based middleware classes are present in Laravel 5 in app/Http/Middleware/. One of these classes is named Authenticate. It provides basic authentication and uses a contract.

In reference to routes, the middleware sits between the route an

5 ways to implement shopping cart in laravel

This tutorial shows you five ways to implement shopping cart in Laravel 5.