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+ Buy now and grab it at a good price!

+ The book has been updated to support**Laravel 5.7!**.

+ May 21, 2016: Chinese version is now available. You can view it here: http://learninglaravel.net/books/laravel-chinese

+ May 21, 2018: A new ver


# Book Description

Learning Laravel 5: Building Practical Applications is the easiest way to learn web development using Laravel. Throughout 5 chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will teach you how to build many real-world applications from scratch. Th

Configuring the Laravel 5 environment

This topic is quite interesting. Because you must not skip configuring you application when you develop with Laravel.

Before I wrote this tutorial, I do research on this topic. I just found a little tutorial and the tutorials are not easy to under

How to Setup Multiple Environment for Laravel 5 Developers Way

Hello Guys, Today i will teach you on how to setup multiple environment in using Laravel 5 Framework.

If you just heard Laravel 5 for the first time, take a look on their website you will see the advantage of using it and be A Web Artisans.

Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application

This is a repo for a starter application for a Single Page Application featuring the modern Laravel PHP framework and Google’s acclaimed front-end framework AngularJS. Just download and install and you have a good foundation for building any ap

Integrate PayPal SDK Into Laravel 4 & Laravel 5

PayPal has release an official SDK to simplify our work. Here I want to show you how to integrate into Laravel. (Version 4 and 5)

Using Entrust to add roles and permissions to Laravel

Not long ago, I wrote a post about Adding Roles to Laravel Users. I like my custom solution, but I figured there had to be a better solution out there. Honestly, I should have done some looking for information before I built it. Anyways, I stumbled u

Mastering Form Validation in Laravel 5

Laravel developers have always had a nice validation class out of the box, but unfortunately we have never had a standard way of using it. Some people prefer doing validation in controllers, others do it in models and I, as many others, preferred to