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Creating a Basic ToDo Application in Laravel 5 – Part 2

So far we have a working database complete with seed data and a bunch of routes for displaying, editing and deleting our projects and tasks. In this second chapter I’ll cover controllers, models (with relationships), views (including the blade

Creating a Basic ToDo Application in Laravel 5 – Part 1

With the release of Laravel 5, there have been a bunch of backwards incompatible changes, new features added as well as the usual influx of new users so I thought I’d take the time to redo my basic to-do application with Laravel 5. The app cove

Laravel Validation: Comprehensive Guide, part 1

In this tutorial I’ll cover different ways you can validate your data in Laravel 4. Almost every interactive web application requires some kind of data validation. For example, if your web application have registration form, you want email fiel

Using Repository Pattern in Laravel 5

These days there is a lot of buzz about software design patterns, and one of the most frequently asked questions is “How can I use some pattern with some technology“. In the case of Laravel and the Repository pattern, I see often question

Model Relationship to Itself

Laravel provides a nice and easy way to build model relationship using some methods like hasOne(), hasMany(), belongsTo() and belongsToMany() and each one of these methods are used for different kinds of relationships, for example, hasOne() used for

Laravel 4 - Two Pagination in a Single Page

Alright, if you’re existing Laravel user, you know that Laravel has make pagination easy. The problem now is, what if I want to have 2 pagination in a single page?

Using UUIDs with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM

By default, Eloquent uses an auto-incrementing integer as the primary key for its tables. While most of the time this is totally acceptable, sometimes there is a need for primary keys to be less predictable.

Creating Laravel AngularJS Application Series – Part 11

In this 11th video in a unset number in the tutorial series, we will go over setting up remote location modal windows. We will open up the logged in user data in a modal window that will allow the user to modify their profile details, and save it bac