A fresh version of Valet has been released! Now we can use Valet to develop our Laravel applications faster.

If you're looking for a simple way to install and develop your new Laravel applications, Valet is the best choice!

Valet now officially supports Wordpress, Symfony, Slim and other PHP projects!

Note: Currently, Valet only supports Mac.


What is Valet? Check out this clip:

Note: You have to install the Flash plugin to view the clip. Some browsers may automatically download the player file if you don't have Flash installed.

Documentation for Valet can be found at:


The Github repo can be found at:



Install or update Homebrew to the latest version using brew update.

Next, install PHP 7.0 via Homebrew using this command:

brew install php70


brew install homebrew/php/php70

Now you can use Composer to install Valet:

composer global require laravel/valet

Installing Valet using this command:

valet install

Done! Valet will automatically start its daemon each time your machine boots. There is no need to run valet start or valet install ever again once the initial Valet installation is complete.

How to use your first Valet site

Create a new folder for all your sites at ~/Sites or ~/Codes. cd into this directory:

cd ~/Sites

Next run this Valet park command:

valet park

Now you can create your new Laravel app:

laravel new blog

Visit blog.dev in the browser and see the magic!

Installing a database

Of course that you can use MySQL or MariaDB (MySQL alternative).

Let's learn how to install MariaDB!

Run this command to install MariaDB:

brew install mariadb

Now you can start the service:

mysql.server start

Great! You can now connect to your database using any database management app (Sequel Pro is recommended):

Username: root
Password: (empty)
Port: 3306

Sharing Sites

You can easily share your Valet site with the world. You don't need to use VPSs or other hosting services!

Navigate to your directory:

cd ~/Sites/blog

Type this command:

valet share

A publicly accessible URL will be inserted into your clipboard. You can paste the URL to your browser or send it to your friends!

Yes, others can access your sites!

To stop sharing your site, hit Control + C to cancel the process.

Final words

What do you think about Valet?

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Have fun coding!