Beautymail is one of the best Laravel packages for sending responsive HTML emails!

Beautymail makes it super easy to send beatiful responsive HTML emails. It's made for things like:

Welcome emails

Password reminders


Data exports

If you're on Laravel 4, use the 1.x branch.


There are tons of great looking HTML email templates out there. Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp has released hundreds for free. It is pretty simple to adapt a template to Beautymail. If you do, please send a PR.

Widgets by Campaign Monitor:

enter image description here

Minty by Stamplia:

Widget Template


Widget Template


Add the package to your composer.json by running:

composer require snowfire/beautymail dev-master

When it's installed, add it to the providers list in config/app.php


Publish assets to your public folder

php artisan vendor:publish

Send your first Beauty mail

Add this to your routes.php

Route::get('/test', function()
    $beautymail = app()->make(Snowfire\Beautymail\Beautymail::class);
    $beautymail->send('emails.welcome', [], function($message)
            ->from('[email protected]')
            ->to('[email protected]', 'John Smith')


Now create resources/views/emails/welcome.blade.php