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Laravel 5 token based Authentication

PHP OAuth 2.0 Server for Laravel

Note: a fully configured project can be found on this github repo


Backup your Laravel 5 App to Dropbox

Want a free way to backup your laravel app and database to dropbox? This guide should help!

These same steps can be used to backup your app to several other cloud services. To use other FileSystems, check out Flysystem.

Hope these steps help yo

Setting up Laravel 5.1 on Semaphore CI

Here I show how to set up a Laravel 5.1 project on Semaphore CI for continuous integration testing.

Sorry about the crickets in the background, and occasional air conditioner noise; I like to work on my back patio, and evening fell while I was rec

How Use PHPUnit Test in Laravel 5.1

Sometimes for beginners, the idea of PHPUnit testing code can be scary. You find yourself having to install the test framework, learn a whole new series of commands and methods, and half the time, you have no idea why it doesn’t work.


JSON API helpers for Laravel 5

Make it a breeze to create a jsonapi.org compliant API with Laravel 5.

This library is made with the concept of exposing models in mind, as found in the RESTful API approach.

This library strives to be up to date with the latest JSON API update

Laravel route protection with Invoke

I started on a tool a while back to “scratch an itch” in a personal project to make it easier to protect endpoints based on the requested URL. The Invoke library makes it possible to detect the route requested and ensure a set of criteria

Token-Based Authentication for AngularJS and Laravel Apps - Part 2

In the tutorial on Scotch.io we created a new app called jot-bot to look at how to implement token-based authentication in AngularJS and Laravel by using jwt-auth and Satellizer together. On the Laravel side, jwt-auth let’s us generate JSON web

Token-Based Authentication for AngularJS and Laravel Apps - Part 1

Adding authentication to an AngularJS and Laravel application is not the most straight-forward, especially if we take the approach of creating independent front-end and backend applications and connecting them with an API exposed by Laravel. Laravel

Learn to send emails using Gmail and Sendgrid in Laravel 5

Laravel provides many methods to send emails. You may use a plain PHP method to send emails, or you may use some email service providers such as Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Amazon SES, etc.

Learn to send emails using Gmail and Sendgrid in Laravel 5

Simple blog application in Laravel 5

Learn how to create a simple blogging application with following features:

Anyone can login/register

Users can be ‘admin’, ‘author’ or ‘subscriber’.

Authors can write/update/delete their own posts.