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Create a CAPTCHA-style spam catcher in laravel

One way to combat “bots” that automatically fill in web forms is by using the CAPTCHA technique. This shows the user an image with some random letters; the user must fill in a text field with those letters. In this tutorial, we will creat

Step by step tutorial for using Laravel Elixir

Tools such as file watchers can run scripts or perform operations every time a file is modified. Additionally, IDEs such as PHPStorm will recognize file extensions and offer to watch the file for changes and allow the developer to perform certain ope

Create a News Aggregation Website with laravel

During this tutorial, we will create a news aggregation site. We will parse multiple feeds, categorize them, activate/deactivate them for our website, and display them on our website using PHP’s SimpleXML extension. The following topics will be

Create an E-Commerce Website with laravel

In this tutorial , we’ll code a simple book store example using Laravel. We’ll also cover Laravel’s built-in authentication, named routes, and database seeding. We’ll also elaborate some rapid development methods that come wit

Prevent Laravel Forge servers losing track of time

I recently ran into an issue where our Laravel Forge servers were falling out of sync with the actual time, some getting up to 5 minutes slow and one even going 7 minutes into the future. These servers had been running for 6 months without a restart,

Create an Image Sharing Website with Laravel

With this tutorial, we are going to create a photo sharing website. First, we are going to create an images table. Then we’ll cover methods to resize and share images.

The following topics are covered in this tutorial:

- Creating a databa

Understanding Design Patterns in Laravel

In this article , we will discuss the design patterns Laravel uses, and how and why are they used, with examples.

The topics that will be discussed in this chapter are as follows:

- Design patterns used in Laravel

- The reasons these pattern

10 Things Every PHP Developer Should Know

Spend enough time around other developers, and you'll inevitably find that they are a knowledgeable bunch who typically enjoy solving problems and sharing opinions. After hanging around with the PHP developers on reddit's r/php, Mygaming ca

Laravel Elixir Version 3 is released

Laravel Elixir Version 3 is now available. You can view more information here:


Upload Files to AWS S3 using Laravel 5

Uploading to Amazon S3 can be a great way to keep your files loading quickly with their CDN, and allow you to work more on your code, rather than your filesystem.

Laravel 5’s new FileSystem makes this easy, but lacks a lot of documentation f