In this tutorial we will be creating an app with ionic framework (a brilliant mobile app development framework by drifyco). We will be using the api that i have created in my previous blog post to get data from the server which is created in Laravel5. In this blog post i will be covering many topics like setting up ionic, setting up sass, auth, crud, ionic pull to refresh, ionic infinite scroll etc.

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Creating Ionic Project For Creating Ionic Project, first make sure you have nodejs installed. If it is installed you are good to go. Now run the following command.

npm install -g cordova ionic

It will install both the cordova and ionic in your system globally due to -g sign we added in the command, which means you can now use cordova and ionic commands from any directory in your system.

Now, ionic provides various templates to use as a starter projects. So we will use one of them. Switch to any directory where you want to create the ionic project and run the following command.